Time to Reflect

I am currently travelling around Europe in a Campervan. I have a years sabbatical from work, which has given me loads of time to reflect! On Friday I visited Sebastian Selgardo’s Genesis Exhibition in Gerona. It left me a bit cold really. (First off there was not one picture of Peter Gabriel, and to be honest I think the band went downhill after he left … sorry a joke for the over 50s) There are obviously some amazing images but as a body of work it doesn’t really have a message for me. It is too diverse. It got me thinking about why I take pictures. Down the road was a demonstration against forced redundancies outside a bank. Without thinking I started taking images….. here was a reason to get a camera (iPhone) out. To show support to people who are fighting a system that wants to throw them on the scrap heap. Thirty odd years after I started taking pictures, my goal hasn’t changed. I hope in a small way my cameras contribute to creating a better world! It sounds crass and probably what I would have said when I was a naive 17 year old, but I can’t think of any other reason why I do it. It’s certainly not for the money I earn! I will get off my soap box ????

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