Some Joys and Frustrations with Android

A quick update on my journey into Android! As some of you will know I have been experimenting with using a Samsung S7 Edge phone for Mojo. The good news is that it has opened up loads of new opportunities. I have been doing a lot of experimentation with 360 Video, using the Samsung VR goggles. This also opens up the Oculus platform, which has a lot of exciting potential.

However there have been some frustrations. The Samsung Camera App is excellent in normal light conditions, but in low light really applies too much noise reduction and sharpening. The resulting images just make skin tones look too ‘plastic’. The work around is to shoot Raw, which works fine, but requires post processing. An extra step that I was keen to avoid. The easy solution I thought would be to find an alternative photo app, that gave me more control over my .jpeg work flow. Whilst there are loads available, not all of them are compatible with my hardware and Android version. You soon get the feeling you are a beta tester. Some features work and others are just not available. I suppose it is part of the problem of being an open system with multiple manufactures. Something I never encountered with Apple.

I would be interested in hearing what camera (stills apps) people are using.

Camera FV-5 looked great. However some features including exposure compensation and Touch Exposure just didn’t work.

Open Camera was also interesting until I tried to store my images on an SD card. From then on it just crashed every time I tried to open it.

For video I am using Filmic Pro, which is as good as ever. My Audio recording needs are taken care of by Field Recorder, which has a very professional interface and is a joy to use.

So I suppose the inevitable question will be, do I miss my iPhone? I have to say for 95% of the time I would say no, but choosing apps isn’t as straight forward as on the iOS platform. More devices and more manufacturers means more choice but more potential issues. With Apple you are restricted by the hardware and the whims of one manufacturer, but everything just seems to work out of the box.

The experimenting goes on. I will report back soon!

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