How to save YouTube Video and Other Documents to your iPhone

I recently received this question which I have been asked a few times on workshops.

‘Hiya. Could you suggest a quick way of downloading a YouTube video on a private account to my camera roll to allow me to use in a LumaFusion project’.

Here is one solution: Download a copy of Readdle Documents. This allows you to download files from the web. Then in the Readdle Documents built in browser go to and paste in the URL of the video. It will then allow you to select the quality you want and download. Save the downloaded file to your camera roll. Job done!

Readle Documents is a really useful app to have on your iPhone as it allows you to save and manage all types of files.

Android phones do not have the same download restrictions as iOS, so you can simply use the link in your browser and download the video.

This should only be used on private accounts or where you have permission to download the content.

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