A Basic File Browser to view your iOS files – iMazing


iMazing opening screen.

Do you ever wish there was just an ordinary simple file browser on your computer, to view your iPhone or iPad files? Something like Finder on Mac or Explorer in Windows. If you have been shooting video with something like Filmic Pro and just want to download the footage, you have to negotiate the road bump that is iTunes. As soon as I plug my phone in, I get messages warning me that my iPhone is not paired, or that iCloud is checking synchronisation…. then iPhoto pops up, about 30 seconds later it lets me brows down a list of apps that I have installed. Please! Please! Just let me see what’s on my phone and get on with it! Well now that’s possible.


Filmic Pro – The first two files are media files that can simply be dragged to wherever you want.

I have recently discovered iMazing (formally DiskAid) an app/program that can be used on any computer, whether I am paired with it or not and on Mac or Windows. All I have to do is plug my iPhone in (USB) or connect with Wifi, a simple window opens showing me the contents of my phone. I can then just drag and drop any files I want, to anywhere I want. Its simple, its cheap and it works! As I only have a 16GB phone, it also lets me archive media/music files, freeing up space, which I can simply replace later. What a breath of fresh air! It costs $29.99 from iMazing. Students note there is an 30% educational discount, available if you register using your institution address (like ac.uk, or edu.in) Check here.

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