#Mojo Mobile Journalism Kit

Glen Mulcahy who is Innovation Lead, Technology with RTÉ-Irelands National Public Service Broadcaster, recently asked people to tweet pictures of their #mojo Mobile Journalism kit. See the hashtags #mojoconedc #mojoedc This got me thinking about what I carry. I have two distinct setups, one for everyday in your pocket carry and one for specific jobs.


Everyday carry – Click to enlarge

1: Manfrotto Mini 24LED Panel (OK for fill)
2: iPhone 5
3: Røde Lavalier Microphone with MiCon-11 TRRS Adaptor and extention
4:Røde SC6 iPhone Accessory allows me to use mic and headphones at the same time.
5: Sennheiser MX365 headphones
6: Joby GripTight Mount for Smartphone and small GorillaPod

7: Small carry/belt bag.

Specific Jobs - Click to enlarge

Specific Jobs – Click to enlarge

Kit for Specific Jobs:

1: F&V Z96 LED Light
2: Røde Video Mic Pro (Short Shotgun)
3: Røde Extention lead
4: Røde Lavalier Microphone
5: Røde MiCon 5 XLR plug and 3mt Extension lead
6: iRig Pre (Update: Since writing this I am now using the iRig Pro see here).
7:Røde SC6
8: Maxell Power bank MPC-B5200/5200mAh and leads

9: iPhone 5
10: Joby GripTight Mount for Smartphone and small GorillaPod
11: Soulderpod iPhone tripod adapter
12: Sennheiser MX365 headphones
13: Benro A1695F Tripod and small Ball Head

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