Student #mojo Mobile Journalism Kit For Less than £100!


Student #mojo Kit

I am now teaching mobile film making and Journalism at three UK Universities. Whilst all three institutions provide equipment, a growing number of students want to buy their own. So here are some of my recommendations. The key features are; Good value for students on a limited budget (under £100), future proof and good quality (professional).

1. Phone: you already have it!
2. Smart Phones are notoriously power hungry, so an additional battery is a must. This one is the Anker Astro Mini 3200mAh, which gives me one complete charge. I Velcro it to my tripod. Cost £13.99
3. Microphone and Extension Lead. The key to good #mojo is good sound. A popular mic is the Røde Smartlav+. These were designed specifically for smartphones. Cost £43.99. The cable on the Smartlav+ is quite short so you will need an extention. Amazon do a 2mtr TRRS cable for £3.44. Røde also do a 6 mtr SC1 extension for £13.99.
4. Input/Output Device: A key to using external microphones is being able to monitor your sound input. There are a number of solutions, including the iRig Pre (which include a pre-amplifier and allows you to use XLR mics). However if you are just using the Smartlav+ a cheaper solution is to use a Røde SC6. This allows you to attach two mics and a set of headphones. Cost £11.49
5. Tripod Mount: The Jobo Griptight at £9.77 (check it will fit your phone, there are different sizes available).
6. Headphones: You probably have a set.  There are some recommendations here. Use ones without a built in mic.

Amazing value at £15.64 including this ball head

The Amazon tripod, amazing value at £15.74 including this ball head

7. Tripod: For the budget conscious an AmazonBasics Tripod with Ball Head costs £15.74! This is an amazingly cheap and sturdy tripod. In some places you would pay more for the ball head and it comes in a bag! Not as compact as some, but not bad and extends to eye hight!

So lets do the maths:
Battery     £13.99
Røde Smartlav+     £43.99
TRRS Cable     £3.44
Røde SC6     £11.49
Jobo Griptight     £9.77
Tripod     £15.74
TOTAL: £98.42

If you can afford it, I would replace the Griptight with a Shoulderpod S1 at £25. They are much stronger and fit a wider variety of phones, but the Griptight does the job and keeps us to budget.

So there you have it. Excellent sound and a steady platform, all for under £100.

Ethics Statement: All of the equipment above has been purchased by me. This site is not sponsored in any way. If products are reviewed for manufacturers it will be clearly stated, none of the above was.


2 thoughts on “Student #mojo Mobile Journalism Kit For Less than £100!

  1. Hi I’m trying to get together mojo kits for students. What apps are best?? And also I’d be very glad to hear from you in terms of best workflows for mojo. Please could you get back to me if you can. I have such a headache!

  2. Hi Mary what platform are you on, iOS or Android? Also where in the world are you? Email me and I will offer some suggestions. I do do workshops and one off lectures as well but always happy to help!

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