Free Download of My Exhibition Images

serverReally excited by a new project. As some of you may know I have recently released some of my images with Creative Commons Licences. This allows people to share them for personal use. With some of my political work I want to get the images seen by as wide an audience as possible. Next month I have three exhibitions celebrating the end of the 1984 Miners Strike. I am going to experiment with a way of letting people download the images onto their phones, as they view them….. the beauty is that it doesn’t even use an Internet connection. You can use it anywhere, even in the middle of a field and costs less than £30 to set up. The exhibitions are in Leek at the Foxlowe Arts Centre, in Arras in northern France and at the Upton Community Protection Anti Fracking Camp. I will be posting technical details, so other artists can do the same. Watch this space!

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